CMC was founded in 2006, in response to lenders finding it increasingly difficult to operate using outdated legacy systems. The market landscape had been changing. As new communication channels, such as email and SMS, began to emerge, organizations implemented technologies and processes specific to that channel, but failed to integrate them with each other.  These systems have inevitably grown more unwieldy, inefficient, and are unable to adjust to rapidly changing ways of doing business. Yesterday’s technologies are simply not sufficient for today’s challenges.

CMC’s answer to these challenges and roadblocks? A unified, yet highly multifunctional customer management system designed to give financial institutions unprecedented control over every aspect of the credit life cycle—from compliance, collections and recovery, and credit line increases, to customer communications, complaints and disputes. Our principal advantage is the architectural design of our CredAgility® platform, which tightly integrates data, strategy, and channels in one environment.

Demonstrably cost-effective, easily deployed, and offering the control and transparency needed to prove compliance in today’s regulatory environment, CMC helps clients to reimagine customer management.


CMC’s managed service approach means we work as your partner as an extension of your operations. Comprised of financial services industry experts, we understand and address your business needs. We are actively and passionately involved in assuring that your solutions work exactly as they should.


Today, CMC provides customer experience management solutions to lenders in US, Europe, and Australia. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with offices in London and Sydney, we’re here to support globally and locally.







To learn more about how CMC’s unique solutions and delivery model could help your back office operation to, call us at 302-830-9262 or email