Automating Customer Experience Processes like Marketing, Customer Service, Collections and Recovery

CMC was founded in 2006, as lenders increasingly recognized that their back-office operations were badly out of synch with their goals of sharpening performance (both cost efficiency and resolution effectiveness) while improving their customers’ experience and satisfaction/retention.  Even at some of the largest banks and lenders in the world, operations were hindered by their inability to create and manage a single, unified and consistent strategy for engaging their customers and resolving their problems in marketing, customer service, collections, and recovery – virtually across the entire credit cycle.  The evidence:

  • Wasted, inconsistent channel contact attempts
  • Inability to prove consistent and fair offers, without massive manual effort
  • Inefficient marketing campaigns whose yield is hard to justify and sustain
  • Non-compliance in the areas of offers, calls, and required disclosures
  • Lack of confidence and provability of vendor policy and procedure documentation
  • Inefficient collections, excessive roll rates and avoidable charge-offs
  • Confused and dissatisfied customers who receive multiple, inconsistent messages or offers

CMC CredAgility Solves the Customer Experience Management Puzzle

CMC developed its platform with an “outside-in” perspective, tackling all elements of the customer experience from the full range of contacts, documents, disclosures, offers, agent and mobile/self-service interactions and business processes and bundling them into a single, unified strategy engine driven from a unified data store.  When deployed to automate the customer experiences and processes in collections, using the company’s flagship Unified Collections solution, global lenders are seeing unique, next-gen benefits:

  • 20% Op Ex gain, 30 bps reduction in write-offs with more compliant, improved customer experiences
  • 50% Op Ex gain with 100% confidence in agency policy and procedure auditability
  • Increased profitability per customer (more spend, reduced risk) with rapid system deployment
  • Improved control and visibility of third party activities without sacrificing agency competitiveness
  • 10% improvement in recovery rate with more compliant, improved customer experience 

CredAgility Next-Gen Solutions Across the Credit Life Cycle

CMC is helping a growing number of top global lenders across credit card, real estate, student, consumer and installment loan products to manage their customers’ experiences more efficiently, effectively, and with greater and more provable compliance.   CMC unifies the entire strategy as well as its execution across the lender’s credit life cycle.

  • At the customer and/or account level
  • For documents, disclosures, offers, contact touch points, and agent queues
  • With seamless mobile/self-service coordination to agents’ efforts
  • With an omnichannel-driven customer dialogue that ensures compliance
  • With ‘future-proof’ functionality that evolves with clients’ needs
  • With a proven implementation process guaranteed to deliver rapid results
  • With no capital expenditure, through a managed service delivery model

CMC’s Approach Leads to Next-Gen Benefits Across the Credit Life Cycle

This is the “next-gen” promise of CredAgility: the flexibility, speed and innovation to improve cost-effectiveness AND increase resolution rates while maintaining the control and transparency needed to prove compliance in today’s regulatory environment.  Delivered by subject matter experts as a managed service that requires no capital expenditure, is much faster to deploy than traditional software and allows us to maintain a “future proof” set of capabilities that lead the industry.

Whether it is traditional business processes like collections and recovery or agency management, or newly-emerging processes like mobile marketing and customer self-service, CMC’s CredAgility gives you unprecedented flexibility and power to outflank your competition and take control of your own destiny.

To learn more about how CMC’s unique solutions and delivery model could help your back office operation to Achieve more, Optimize better and Realize greater results, call us at 302-830-9262 or email .