Agent Desktop Header


CMC’s Agent Desktop offers a full view of the customer
relationship through a browser based and icon driven
interface. Streamlined to put the right information at their fingertips, agents are equipped to engage with customers
more immediately and effectively.


Your agents are at the front line of your business operations. Customers are connecting via multiple devices and channels and expect agents to be more informed on the status of those interactions than ever before. It is crucial that your agents are appropriately informed and armed with the tools to maximize their customer interactions. Individualizing offers and maintaining compliant communications is simplified with CMC’s CredAgility platform. Because the application is integrated with our strategy engine, it can populate offers and communications to the agent that are specifically tailored to the customer at hand. Eliminating manual, judgmental offers that fall out of compliance scope.



  • Search for customers
  • View and work accounts in their queues
  • View account activity in list or calendar view
  • Work accounts at the customer or account level
  • Utilize a telephony toolbar, tightly integrated with a native dialer
  • Update customer account information
  • Document agent activity history
  • Capture transactions such as payments, demographic updates, or promise to pay
  • Negotiate and enroll customers in payment arrangements
  • Process specialty workflows such as loyalty program enrollment or income and expenditure assessment
  • Initiate disputes and upload documentation
  • Easily access photos via upload and repository functionality
  • Disposition accounts based on actions taken


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