Customer Engagement

A single system giving you the power to see and control all aspects of your customer activities in one, central location.

Unified Collections Tree




In today’s environment consumers are demanding more of us than ever before — and rightfully so. They expect (not just want) the same capabilities and experiences on the countless channels available to them.

As customer touchpoints continue to emerge, managing compliance becomes vastly more complex. And the consequences of failure are significantly more damaging.

Legacy systems are encumbered with bolt-ons, workarounds, and integration failure points. They no longer provide a 360-degree view of the customer without massive, complex, and costly software integration. Likewise, the business processes themselves need to be integrated across all touchpoints.

Too often these legacy systems are unable to meet customer demands and ultimately lead to broken customer relationships and inefficient operations.



A unified, yet highly multifunctional customer management system designed to give financial institutions unprecedented control over every aspect of their customer experience management.

Our principal advantage is the architectural design of our CredAgility® platform, which tightly integrates data, strategy, and channels in one environment.



  • Control every aspect of your customer activities, including marketing, customer service, collections and recovery, and agency management in one, central location.
  • Ensure a consistent dialogue with each customer through coordinated program offers, channel communications, and other treatments.
  • Execute uniquely targeted and custom treatments by leveraging robust decisioning.
  • Intelligently prioritize customer-preferred channels, improving cost, efficiency, and experience.
  • Maximize self-service interactions with a 24X7 online and mobile friendly presence.
  • Manage compliance risk with current and future regulations through tight automation and a provable, digital audit history.
  • Configure workflows for advanced processes in real-time such as credit line increases or enrollment in customer loyalty programs.
  • Create and modify strategy elements in moments without IT programming.
  • Reduce technology costs through our managed service solution that easily integrates into your existing infrastructure.

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