Just because your business strategies are complex, creating and managing them doesn’t have to be. CMC’s Strategist Portal gives you the power to create and control all aspects of your customer activities through a single interface.


Workflow Manager Section

CMC’s Workflow Manager allows you to implement processes that manifest at the account level. Forms and surveys that you define, are generated directly to the customer facing website and agent workstation.

Whether offering a credit line increase or conducting a customer service survey, dynamic data exchange means you can respond adaptively to your customers’ needs, improving both your efficiency and yield.


  • Configure workflows that trigger at the account level to perform actions, such as loan origination applications, conducting agent satisfaction surveys, or updating account data.
  • React to customer inputs in real-time for immediate impact.
  • Easily route tasks to appropriate users for improved customer satisfaction and resolution.
  • Simplify audits with a highly accessible and digital audit trail.
  • Improve customer experience by maintaining consistency between agent and self-service.

CMC’s Strategy Manager allows you to build as many strategy trees as you need, but gives you the power to control them from a single point of view, as a single unit. From targeted segmentation to channel communications and program offers, you can define and maintain all strategy elements through a GUI.

Support for robust syntax and segmentation at the responsible party level makes this tool especially powerful in offering an individualized customer experience while maintaining the compliance controls critical to your operation.


  • Manage all aspects of your customer activities, such as queueing, program offers, channel communications, placements and recalls, account status updates, update actions to external systems, and launching workflows.
  • Easily toggle between strategy trees, such as collections, recovery, customer service, or marketing in one interface.
  • Deliver highly targeted treatments and communications at the responsible party level, for greater resolution rates and improved compliance.
  • Create and modify strategy elements in moments, without the IT programming required with traditional systems.
  • Easily deploy champion challenger tests to ensure efficacy and improve ROI.


Document Manager Section

With the prevalence of communication mediums and channels, managing the content of your customer interactions has become considerably more complex. Dynamic document templates allow you to easily define and manage all of your channel communication content and controls. Helping you thrive in an omnichannel environment.


  • Ensure consistent communications through document templates, such as approved regulatory or brand messaging, for email, SMS, and letter.
  • Dictate authorship and publication controls based on user and role assignment.
  • Leverage system variables, such as balance or minimum due, for personalizing and streamlining document creation.
  • Capture inbound and outbound document metadata, helping to improve strategy impact.
  • Simplify audits with document history reports, providing a digital and verifiable audit trail of document creators and publications.

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