Leverage all customer interactions, not just agents

Tailored offers to the right customers through the right channel
Modification Automation

Control cost, increase pull-through, improve borrower experience

Operations, Specialty Processes, Vendor Oversight, we cover it all

Manage customer-level offers, data capture, and contacts effectively
Next-Gen Customer Experience Management

CMC’s innovative CredAgility® platform powers business solutions that automate customer experience management processes across the credit life cycle, from marketing and customer service to collections and recovery. Top global lenders are turning to CMC for solutions as diverse as comprehensive collections systems, loan modification streamlining, recovery management, agency compliance, credit line management and vendor policy and procedure management. These next-generation solutions are delivering outsized benefits that include:

  • 20% Op Ex gain, 30 bps reduction in write-offs with more compliant, improved customer experiences
  • 50% Op Ex gain with 100% confidence in agency policy and procedure auditability
  • Increased profitability per customer (more spend, reduced risk) with rapid system deployment
  • Improved control and visibility of third party activities without sacrificing agency competitiveness
  • 10% improvement in recovery rate with more compliant, improved customer experience

Legacy Systems are Incapable of Meeting the Needs of Today's Environment

We’ve spent millions on technology, yet we fall short in providing a satisfying customer experience or proving to regulators that we’re complying with all their new rules. It’s so frustrating!"
—Head of Collections & Recovery, Major Global Bank

Sound familiar? Every lender we speak with has been echoing this sentiment, adding that they are challenged to reduce cost or increase performance because of the difficulty of integrating -- and controlling -- the various systems used to manage the actions they want take. Meanwhile, their customers serve as the final integration point, experiencing all the contacts and disclosures and offers and processes that are often disjointed, inefficient (and sometimes non-compliant).

Legacy Systems are Built with an "Inside-Out" Approach

How did we get here? It’s simple: Legacy systems were built to automate operational tasks and make them each more efficient, individually -- for example, managing agents’ activities in a call center. New tasks grew up over time, like formatting and sending emails or texts or web messages, and were layered on to accommodate the need for new documents and contact types. The crucial task of optimizing the effectiveness of our offers, content and contact strategies was relegated to a separate risk group with decision engines and models. Most times, their strategies weren’t executed completely because the data about a given customer shows up numerous times in numerous systems. Our operational actions are, in fact, driven from multiple different points. To use a technical description, the business logic driving the execution of our strategy has been embedded into the integration code written to connect those systems, as well as partially residing in the various systems themselves.

No wonder it’s hard, expensive, and complex to envision the world from the point of view of the customer, and operationalize that view! Yet that’s exactly what we need to do if we are going to take control over our ability to run an operation within tight regulatory guidelines – TCPA, FDCPA, Dodd-Frank, OCC, CFPB, CLEAR, FSA, FCA, APRA… Each country has its own alphabet soup defining the regulatory thicket in which we operate. What’s more, the best way to optimize performance and cost-effectiveness lies in “starting with the end in mind” (apologies to Stephen Covey) and making sure the customer experiences the most efficient, effective and satisfying interactions with us.

CMC's Platform Uses an "Outside-In" Approach to
Provide Next-Gen Solutions

The good news is that CMC took precisely this view when we started developing our CredAgility® platform in 2006. Rather than develop another ‘inside-out’ facing application, we took an ‘outside-in’ view that started with all of the elements of a customer’s experience and put them under the control of a single strategy engine: the timing of various touch points, from traditional letter/phone through web/mobile; the content of various communications, from disclosures through IVR, text, email and even agent-delivered messages; the various inputs required to individualize program offers, including customer real-time input; and the workflows associated with managing business processes through which we engage with, and ultimately resolve, a variety of customer interactions.

By combining strategy and execution, real-time decisioning and workflow, document content control and management, dynamic customer input and individualized program offers, omnichannel communications across agents and self-service, and driving the entire customer experience from a single unified data store, CMC is able to automate even the most complex customer experience management challenges: Marketing, Customer Service, Loan Modifications, Collections, Recovery and Agency Management.

CMC's Approach Leads to Next-Gen Benefits
Across the Credit Life Cycle

This is the “next-gen” promise of CredAgility: the flexibility, speed and innovation to improve cost-effectiveness AND increase resolution rates while maintaining the control and transparency needed in today’s regulatory environment. Delivered by subject matter experts as a managed service that requires no capital expenditure, is much faster to deploy than traditional software and allows us to maintain a “future proof” set of capabilities that lead the industry.

Whether it is traditional business processes like collections and recovery or agency management, or newly-emerging processes like mobile marketing and customer self-service, CMC’s CredAgility gives you unprecedented flexibility and power to outflank your competition and take control of your own destiny.

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