CMC powers solutions that automate customer-facing business processes.



A single system that gives you the power to see and control all aspects of your customer relationships in one, central location. With applications specifically designed for strategists, agents, and your customers, offering solutions from marketing and customer service, to collections, recovery, and agency management. 



Agent Desktop Icon

The Agent Desktop offers a full view of the customer relationship through a browser based and icon driven interface. Streamlined to put the right information at their fingertips, agents are equipped to engage with customers more immediately and effectively.



The Strategist Portal you can create and manage all aspects of your collections strategies. Allowing you to build multiple strategy trees, but giving you the power to control them as a single unit. From program offers and channel actions to queue and task assignments, you can define and maintain all strategy elements through a GUI without IT resources.



The Customer Website empowers you to satisfy customers looking to self-serve. From reviewing account status and program offers, to making payments and scheduling appointments, customers can manage their accounts any time of day.